Crochet Term Conversion Chart


I assume that's why you have come to this page.  Unless someone words you up at the beginning of your crochet journey then it's likely you got part way in and realised no one is talking the same language?  Well you are right!!  Here is a chart to guide you.  If you are still confused, pop over to You Tube and get your head around some of these stitches and it will start to come together.

We are based in Australia so we use the terms on the left but if you need assistance with any of our patterns, shoot us an email, we are only happy to help.


Chain (ch) Chain (ch)
Slip stitch (ss) Slip stitch (ss)
Double crochet (dc) Single crochet (sc)
Half treble (htc) Half double (hdc)
Treble (tr) Double crochet (dc)
Double treble (dtr) Treble (tr)
Triple treble (ttr) Double treble (dtr)